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With the Dilawri Auto Group in Gatineau and Ottawa, the purchase of a new or used vehicle has never been easier. Our flexible, attractive financing plans will enable you to quickly take possession of the vehicle of your dreams, whether it’s a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Acura, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Nissan or any other make of vehicle. Our auto credit plans are available to all, regardless of their credit history. Any resident of the Outaouais region, whether in Gatineau, Ottawa or the surrounding areas, can afford to get one of our vehicles.
A situation that’s out of our control can occur at any time, preventing us from getting a vehicle at the most critical moment. We believe that automobile financing should be accessible to everyone. That’s why the Dilawri Auto Group and its numerous dealerships located in Gatineau and Ottawa make it possible for you to get credit whether it’s your first, second or third chance, even if you’ve never borrowed before, if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past or if you’re currently filing for bankruptcy and haven’t been discharged. Have you had late payments, been refused a loan from a financial institution or voluntarily surrendered a previous vehicle? Your application at one of the Dilawri Auto Group’s dealerships in Gatineau or Ottawa won’t be refused because of it. You can even get auto credit if you’re currently involved in an assignment procedure with a trustee in order to arrive at a settlement proposal with your creditors. So stop procrastinating! Call us or submit your application online today! It only takes 20 minutes to be pre-approved so you can quickly get into the vehicle of your choice. Whether you do it online or by telephone, submitting an application for financing with the Dilawri Auto Group is quick, easy and secure.

1st 2nd 3rd credit chance

We understand how people sometimes find themselves in circumstances beyond their control that often impede them from getting a vehicle when they need it the most. At Dilawri Auto, we’re ready to help you get financing, even if:

Check You have never had a loan

Check You have been bankrupt

Check You have not been discharged from your bankruptcy

Check You have late payments

Check You have had an application refused by a financial institution

Check You voluntarily surrendered your previous vehicle

Check You are involved with a trustee regarding a proposal to settle your debts with creditors

Dilawri auto finances

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When it comes to getting financing at Dilawri Auto, nothing could be simpler! Apply online or call us to initiate an application for auto credit. It’s quick, secure and free of charge. We’ll pre-approve your credit application as soon as possible. There’s no reason why you can’t benefit from a vehicle today. So, give us a call to secure your financing and drive off the lot behind the wheel of your next vehicle!