The 2020 Sierra and Silverado, as rugged as they look

These two heavy-duty trucks will soon be here at Dilawri of Gatineau. Meanwhile, here are a few mouth-watering tidbits to whet your appetite!

Identical in terms of mechanics, the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2020 GMC Sierra are built tough. And it shows!

The grilles have more than a little punch, inspiring confidence in the power lurking behind them, as if to say, “Hard work? Bring it on!”

What the future holds in store for us

Take a look under the hood, and you’ll get the same message. When there’s a job to be done, the 2020 Sierra won’t shy away from it. With 445 horsepower, 910 pound-feet of torque and towing capacity of up to 30,000 pounds, it’s a veritable colossus. Just like its brother, the 2020 Silverado.

Inspired by heavy equipment, these trucks, featuring frames that have been specially adapted to handle large loads, are ready to go wherever you may lead them and ready to tackle whatever tough jobs may come their way. And when it comes to comfort, both the Sierra and the Silverado boast cabins with even more room for passengers.

While you’re waiting for these models to become available, take advantage of our special promotions on the 2019 Sierra and 2019 Silverado at the Dilawri Group in Gatineau.